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Hello, my name is Earl Phelps and I have been drawing for many years.  It was my first time starting school that I can recall picking up a pencil and drawing.  My kindergarten teacher drew a picture of a elephant and had everybody in the classroom draw it, I've been drawing ever since.

At the age of about nine I became interested in supercharacter comic books.  I was never a comic book collector, I say this because I would buy a book on the merit of the artwork rather than the characters or storyline of the book.  I drew the characters of the books I bought, but after awhile I started creating and drawing my own supercharacters, it was more fun.

I made these books for all of those who are interested in learning how to draw and create their own supercharacters and those who are already doing so.  If only I could have had books like these when I was growing up, it would have made it much easier for me in learning how to draw

These books have very few words because the illustrations speak for themselves.  This was done to induce you to pick up a pencil and start drawing.  The only way you can learn how to draw is to draw, and that is the purpose of these books to implement practice, practice, and more practice in learning how to draw to the best of your abilities.


                                                            Earl R. Phelps

                                                            Cleveland, Ohio